Upcoming Conferences

There is an embarrassment of riches on the Mormon Studies scene in the next few weeks.


The Academy for Temple Studies has a conference on October 23rd. Details here. (I won’t be able to attend this, but I read the PDF of their 2012 conference and found it worthwhile.)


The Sperry Symposium will be October 26th. Details here. (I will be presenting a paper on Hannah’s relationship to the temple in 1 Samuel 1-3.)


The Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology conference will be October 31st-November 2nd. Details here. (I will be presenting a paper on Mark’s view of the atonement.)


The Interpreter Foundation will host a conference on science and Mormonism on November 9th. Details here. (I so wish I could go to this, but I can’t. I am so pleased that they are streaming it.)





4 comments for “Upcoming Conferences

  1. Julie: Other than the Sperry Symposium, I haven’t heard of these. (I know that reflects poorly on me.) Can you tell us a bit about them? How big are the organizations? How many will attend? Also, would you be willing to (either before or after the fact) share parts of your presentations with us?

  2. Interpreter is essentially the “old FARMS” group.

    SMPT has been around for about a decade and has a lot of good names attached to their board, http://www.smpt.org/organization.html

    Temple Studies is newer, but has John Welch and John Hall behind it. William Dever is a well-known name in Israelite history/archaeology as well (plus, his last name means “plague” in Hebrew!)

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