The January 2014 Friend has an Old Testament reading chart.

The recommended reading for week #24 is Numbers 27:1-7, the story of the daughters of Zelophehad. This story is as obscure as it is amazing. I am beyond thrilled to see it recommended here.

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  1. This is good, but not sure it will take up the full year. Any suggestions of how to tackle the OT this year with my 4, 6, and ten year old girls?

  2. I would read their weekly story every single day with that age group, using different versions (children’s bibles, flannel board, different modern English, KJV) and maybe memorizing key (parts of) verses where appropriate.

  3. Julie,

    Thanks for the link. Went there.

    Way too much religion (what ‘we do’) there, in that Book.

    Where’s the gospel in it…for me? For you?

    I much prefer the Books of the Bible where the gospel (the free gift apart from anything that ‘we do’) is in stark relief to the law. Books such as Romans, Galatians, 1st and 2nd Corinthians, Ephesians, the Gospels…etc..

    But hey…to each his/her own.

    Thanks, friend.

  4. Decided to give this a go last night. After a more thorough review of these scriptures, what’s really interesting is that this list of scriptures, with Zelophehad’s daughters being one of very few exceptions, is the traditional set used as the basis of the Old Testament Reader. It makes it even more interesting that ZD was added.

  5. My wife suggested it to the Friend last year, during an email exchange (which also lead to our family photo being included this month). We named our daughter Noé after one of the daughters, and my wife said they should use it as one of the stories if they did an OT chart like the 2012 BoM chart.

    We didn’t expect it to happen (the story has never been in a Chuech publication before), so we were thrilled to see that the woman she had exchanged with not only took her suggestion, but got it through all the approvals to publication.

  6. Here’s the letter that started it all, including a picture of our Noé, and another reference to the story.

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