General Conference Activities for Children

It’s General Conference weekend! That means ten hours of hearing from prophets and apostles and other inspired leaders of the Church. It also means eight hours of trying to keep children engaged (at best) or occupied (at least). Our household favorite is this: Before each session, each person picks a gospel word. (We don’t allow variations on the names of deity “out of reverence or respect to the name of the Supreme Being” and “to avoid the too frequent repetition of his name.”) We associate each word with a particular bowl of some small candy, like M&Ms or chocolate chips. Then the kids listen for the words: whenever a word is used, all kids get a piece of the designated candy, and we mark it on a white board to see who “wins” the session.

What are your favorite activities to keep your young ones engaged with General Conference?

The Church provides several printable options, include a conference notebook, conference bingo, and drawings of the Prophet and the Apostles that can be colored in. Other commercial enterprises and individuals have put together their own packets.

I’ve created a coloring sheet so that kids can keep an eye out for our inspired women leaders in the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary General Presidencies and color an outline of their blouse (or top of their dress), which you can download here and see below.

Happy conference!

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